Booker Hill Projects Limited

Specialists in providing bespoke solutions
for Control and Automation

Booker Hill Projects Limited

Our Engineers can design and supply a complete new control system or panel, help you change from one control system to another, upgrade legacy systems or troubleshoot your existing set-up.  

Systems can be tailored to use kit from your chosen manufacturer, e.g. Siemens, Rockwell (Allen Bradley), Mitsubishi or Schneider. We offer:

PLC Programming 
HMI Progamming 
SCADA Programming
Hardware Supply
Ewon Solutions   
Intelligent Drives & Instrumentation  

Our expertise spans various industries: Food Waste, Industrial and Manufacturing Processing, Clean and Waste Water Treatment and Fire Training Rigs.


The place to come for a tailor-made solution for all your Control and Automation needs including:

PLC Programming

Programmable Logic Controllers reside in racks in the Contol Panel along with input and output cards and other instrumentation.  Together with the HMI these are used to control the plant.


The Human Machine Interface allows operators to monitor and control the plant locally.  Mimics on the screen give a picture of what is happening to the plant.


As well as remotely managing and controlling the plant, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition software can give an insight into the performance of your process control system by reporting on trends.


We can supply hardware and have close relatonships with local panel manufacturers to help us provide a complete solution.  


We use Ewon routers to provide IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) functionality to Control Systems as well as Remote Access to Process Plant. 


Intelligent drives and instrumentation make use of networks to reduce the need for hard wiring of communications in the Contol Panel.  

Need help with Industrial Solutions ? Give us a call  on 01889 566699 to discuss your needs. 




We have particular expertise in automating anaerobic digestion. and biogas production.

Our projects include diverse  manufacturing and industrial processes.

Our experience covers both clean and waste water treatment plant.

We have worked worldwide on control for fire training rigs.